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If so, there are numerous Groups meeting regularly, each led by a member of the U3A, usually in members' houses or local hall.    The activities we cover currently are in the Group Activities Menu shown below.  Why not join in.

We are always keen to expand our range of interests and invite members to suggest and set up new Groups.  If you are one of our members and have an activity suggestion or would consider leading a group contact the Group Co-ordinator by clicking here

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Art for Beginners

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Camera Club 1

Jenny Goddard
01536 482972 Pat Johnson
 01536 483398

Our meetings are on the Monday in the week following the week of the main U3A meeting

A group of keen, amateur, digital photographers meet once a month to share our knowledge and enthusiasm. 
We sometimes go out on a shoot, or spend the afternoon comparing successful results with one another.  There is always a homework task set for the next month.  We also rely on the expertise of members of the group to teach us how to alter and improve our pictures using the photoshop elements program  or picassa on our computers.  We meet on the Monday following the monthly U3A meeting at 3, St.  Mary's Road, Kettering.  (01536 482972) Unfortunately the group is full at the moment.

Isabell Collins
01536 520971

Kettering Pool
Every Monday 9.00-945am

The group meet each Monday.  We swim for exercise and general health.  Swim according to ability. 
This group meets every Monday during the school term.  We meet at 8.50 am to be in the pool for 9.00am followed by coffee in a local coffee shop if you wish, this is not obligatory.  Swimming is well known as one of the best exercises for a healthy lifestyle.  We are a group of mixed swimming abilities who enjoy the company of one another and would welcome any U3A members who would care to join us.


Margaret Hall
Pat Stokes

Kettering Bridge Club
Every Monday 2.00-4.00pm

We meet fortnightly to play our game(s) with fellow members in the spirit of friendship and evil strategy!   We meet weekly on Mondays between October and April and the fortnightly for the summer at the Kettering Bridge Club.  We meet for lunch occasionally and have a very chatty and happy time.  Please join us.

Book Group

Margaret Turnbull
01536 511139

3rd Monday 2pm

We try to read one book a month and have decided to read one classic a year. 

The book group is at full capacity now so if you would consider starting a second group or being put on a waiting list please contact the Group Coordinator by clicking here  

Discussion Group

Linda Miller
01536 483773

3rd Monday


Mah Jong/Scrabble

Margaret Hopkins
01536 503308



Walking (Medium)

Bill Joyce

Last Tuesday 10am.

The walking group was one of the first groups started.   We usually walk between five and six miles and end with a pub lunch.

Walks are arranged by various members in turn and are signed up at the monthly meeting.


Geraldine Hardwick
01536 481203

1st Tuesday in the month 2pm. 

We meet on the first Tuesday of each month, at 2pm to discuss and watch holiday photos and videos.  Biscuits and tea are included.

The Travel group enables travellers to share their photos and films of their holidays with others.

Computer Club

Alan Bailey
01933 350147

Chris Ditri's home
Fortnightly, 10-12am.

We meet fortnightly to discuss and solve group member's problems.  We use laptops and windows 10 (sorry - no Macs)

The group leader usually sets a task to be attempted but the meeting is very informal and no-one is an expert.

Slimming Club

Wendy Islip
01536 510870

Weekly 9:30 - 10:30am

The group meets on Tuesday mornings (with the exception of the last Tuesday of the month, to enable members to go on the walks). We meet at Wendy's house, 31 Anderson Drive at 9.30am.  Any U3A member is welcome to join us- there is a small charge of 50p to attend, which includes a cuppa - members are rewarded with 5 for every half stone lost, and fined 50p for every pound gained.

We have a weigh in and then a chat. Everyone who loses weight is congratulated and anyone who dares to put weight on is commiserated with but then encouraged with different ideas and different strategies to lose the next week.  New members are welcome into our relaxed and friendly group.


 Lunch Club

Margaret Hall
01536 512215
Patricia Stokes
01536 724342

Varies 3rd Wednesday 12.45pm.

The purpose of the lunch club is to visit a different restaurant or pub on the third Wednesday of each month where we can socialise in pleasant surroundings and eat good food.  
We aim to find venues which are not too expensive but the food is good.  This club is ideal for people who would not necessarily go out to lunch on their own but enjoy the company of friends they have met after joining the Ise Valley U3A.  This is a very successful club and very often is oversubscribed so on occasions it is a case of "first come first served".  Please sign up at the Monthly Meetings.

Short Walks

Julie Bates
01536 724079

4rd Wednesday - time varies

The short walks are advertised and signed up to at the monthly meeting.   Please put your names down at the meeting. 

Music Appreciation

Ted Faulkner 01536 513984

Last Wednesday of each month 2.00- 4.00pm.

We are an informal group of music lovers who meet each month to listen to, discuss and enjoy, a very wide range of music.



Angela Deans 01536 484187

4th Wednesday 10 am.

The group get  ideas from many sources, magazines or templates and go creative, producing items like button pictures, "surprise" cards etc.!   Displays of the work are usually to be seen at the monthly meeting.


Chris Ditri  01536 723145
Sandra Teckenburg  01832 733419

1st Wednesday
(Time and place varies)

Copuntry Dancing

Country Dancing

Janice Angles  07768169490

St Andrews Hall
2nd and 4th Wednesday
There is a cost to cover cost of hall and any other  expenses of roughly 8 per person per term



Geraldine Hardwick
01536 481203

ASDA Training Room
1st & 3rd Thursday
2 - 4pm


U3A-Singing for Pleasure  Group 1

Jill Dee
01536 514054

Fuller Church
Fortnightly 10-11.30am.

We are a group who get together simply because we love to sing for pleasure!

We practice on alternate Friday mornings in the Timpson Lounge at Fuller Baptist Church from 10a.m. to 12 noon.  We are not a choir just enjoy singing together, maybe flat, maybe missing the top notes, but we have fun.   Half way through, our voices are lubricated with coffee and biscuits. 

We are now 20 strong and practicing for little concerts at retirement homes in the area and a group at CT King. 

This group is currently full but a second group has been started.  If you wish to join contact Mary Wildman for information.

U3A-Singing for Pleasure  Group 2

Mary Wildman
01536 741222

Fuller Church
Fortnightly 10-11.30am.
We practice on alternate Friday mornings (when the other group are not practicing) in the Timpson Lounge at Fuller Baptist Church from 10a.m. to 12 noon.

Making Music
(Beginners welcome)

Alan Bailey
01933 350147

Fridays 2pm-4pm

We enjoy making music - mainly guitars - some old songs, some Country and Western, some folk, some (not much) modern.  We meet every Friday pm.   Playing in a group is different from playing for just yourself but we have a lot of fun trying out 'our' variations on tunes, chords and rhythms and annoying the neighbours.  Beginners are welcome.

10 pin Bowling

Dai Johnson  01536483398

Thunder Bowl Kettering
Friday following the monthly meeting

Ballroom Dancing

Matilda Harvey 01536522915

2nd & 4th Friday
12:45 - 1:30pm
Mash Dance Studio in Grange Rd (off Field St.)  Cost 4.50 per person per session.

Day Arranged by Group

Day Trips & Theatre Visits

Julia Bates 01536 724079 & Jessie Mills 01536 722421

As arranged

Please read the current Magazine to see what Trips are being organised.  Sign up at the monthly meeting.

iPad Group

Michael Collins
01536 520971

As arranged

Local History Group

Geraldine Hardwick
01536 481203

As arranged

Documents for Group Leaders