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The Committee 2018-2019



Sylvia Dale

01536 411865

Vice Chair and Assistant
Group Co-ordinator

Ros Bridges

01536 741455

John Cousens

01933 664602
Secretary and Assistant Speaker Secretary Lynne Franklin

01536 618001

Groups Co-ordinator
Pat Johnson

01536 483398

Membership Secretary
Pauline Bailey

01933 350147

Newsletter Editor
(not on Commitee)
Martin Dale

01536 411865

Speaker Secretary

Helen Checkley

01536 418616
General Duties and New Members

Jill Burgess

01536 515045

General Duties

Linda Miller

01536 726654

General Duties

Tony Reed

01536 481733

General Duties

Helen Hicks

01536 483100
WebMaster & Tech Officer
(not on Committee)

Alan Bailey
01933 350147

Assistant Tech Officer
(not on Committee)

Roger Eaton

Safeguarding Officer
(not on Committee)

Bob Moffatt

01536 659236